After months of regular posting, I apologize for the recent gap. On July 17 I quit my job and have joined my boyfriend on the road. He recently completed truck driving school, earned his CDL, and invited me to join him as a passenger. Having grown up traveling cross country with my grandparents (either in a motor home or car), I don’t have a problem with being on the move constantly.

My hope is to use this time to focus on my writing, but I’m finding it difficult to focus on it. Perhaps it’s just getting used to the new living conditions, or my brain freezing up now that I’m confronted with the time to write. My projects include a memoir, several novels, and my poetry.

We’ve been on the road a little over a week now, and the truck has been in the shop multiple times, and miles have been hard to come by. This has frustrated my boyfriend to no end, which I understand, but has made it difficult for me to get into any kind of “swing” of things.

On the bright side, there’s more space in the cab than I’d expected, and we have more than enough space for all our stuff. Still, living compactly has it’s challenges. You can’t let any mess stay for any time. Whether it’s a bag of half-eaten pretzels or a pair of shoes, everything has to go back in place immediately. Aside from the space issues (leaving something in the middle of the floor causes tripping or breaking things), there are also considerations of things needing to be kept in place while moving. Any object not properly stored will slide or fly around the cab while driving.

Perhaps the single most difficult adjustment has been a lack of wifi. If there is Wi-Fi available, it isn’t connectable in the truck, only inside a building. We also got an inverter to let me power my computer, but it beeps continuously if I plug anything into my computer (like headphones or mouse). We’ve been using our phones to provide mobile hotspots, but the internet isn’t great. We’re going to try to figure out how to mirror a phone onto the computer next, since the internet will be better. On the bright side, the stereo in the truck is great, and we’re able to plug the computer into that system for sound.

We’re finally starting to get some miles, and will be on the move a lot going forward. For now we’re only in the Midwest, but hopefully we’ll be touring the whole country over the next year. I’m hoping to get back into photography in the future, and may be able to include some photos on future blog posts. My one concern is the limited downtime we’ll have, and most is at either terminals or truck stops, limiting the photo opportunities I’ll have. We can’t just stop any time I see a cool shot or gorgeous scenery.

Here’s to my future endeavors succeeding!


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