I know I’ve mentioned how thoroughly “not-good” my car is… well, yesterday I got into an accident. Having three bald tires and a non-functional anti-lock brake system is an excellent recipe for disaster, and I’m thankful it was just a love tap on the bumper in front of me. Although there was no apparent damage, the person whose car I hit insisted we do it by the books: exchange all info, and make a report with the police.

The unfortunate part about this was I’d forgotten to re-up my insurance at the end of last month… so while we waited for the cops I called and got it reinstated, along with an email of my proof of insurance (which didn’t show a lapse; thank you, State Farm!). No ticket or anything, but we’ll see if she files a report with my insurance company or not. At most I scratched her bumper, but she could always use the accident as an excuse for some other problem.

I’ve skidded out in this car a few times before, but always managed to avoid hitting someone. Once it was because I was able to move right a lane, and came to a stop about a foot past their bumper (that one would have cause damage, and likely pushed them into the car ahead). When I told the police officer what caused the accident, he said something about my car not sounding very safe… preaching to the choir, dude. Right now I’m just trying to limp it through another month.

At the end of the month, I will be joining my boyfriend (who recently started doing OTR (over the road) trucking) as a passenger on his semi. At that time, I will be loaning my car to his dad. The exchange on this is: he gets a vehicle to use for a good while, and when I get it back most of the issues won’t be issues anymore. If there is a way to fix it, he will.

I don’t know if (or how long) I will keep the car past that point, but if it’s working well I might save money for a much newer vehicle. Ideally, I would love a Prius (I’ve been a fan of Toyota since I was 12 or so when I started driving a Toyota pickup from the 70s). Among other things, I find the 50 MPG sexy.

While I doubt I will ever get either, I have two additional dream cars. The Prius is my economical, realistic dream car… my luxury sports car dream is a Lamborghini. I fell in love with Lambos while playing Need for Speed III: Hot Pursuit as a teenager. I tried every vehicle in the game, and settled on the Lambo as the best in both appearance and handling. My classic dream car is a Volkswagen Bug, ideally painted bright yellow.

What are your dream cars? Does anyone else have multiple categories of dream cars? Is there a story behind your choice of dream car?


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