Since moving to Nashville I’ve been doing room shares. Room shares are great when you are solo and don’t feel the need (or have the money) to rent an entire apartment or house for yourself. However, they are transient in nature; I just started my third in less than a year.

Personally, I hate moving. From trying to remember where everything is scattered to figuring out how to make everything fit into limited containers, it’s all mentally draining (not to mention the physical side of moving so many heavy objects… twice). I’m terrible at moving. Every time I’ve moved, I’ve left behind copious amounts of items unintentionally.

Whether it’s the ramen hiding in a lower cabinet, or the important papers buried in a desk drawer full of junk, there’s always something I forget. This move was especially difficult because I didn’t have a place to move to immediately. I spent a few days at a friend’s (many thanks!), secured a place on Saturday, and moved in Sunday.

So far all I’ve done is get everything out of my car and into the room. After running a few errands, I came home to find the power out, and it remained out until everyone decided to go to bed at about 10pm… Then it came back on.

Due to the complicated (i.e. no place to go) move, I took last week off from my job. Now I’m back with a longer commute. It’s weird to come back after a prolonged time off. All of my frustration with work is temporarily lowered because I’ve had a long break from it, but it is also more insistent because I had such a long time without having to deal with it. I already wish it were still last week, moving stress and all.

Since I didn’t get everything unpacked yesterday, it will probably be next weekend before I begin to unpack. If I unpack fully at any point. In a few months I’ll be going on the road, saying goodbye to this job, and downsizing my already limited belongings. The primary reason I’ll need to unpack is to sort through and reduce everything by half (at least).

Even though I have a couple months to do so, I’m pretty sure it will be done the week before (or day before) because I’m a horrible procrastinator. I packed on the day I had to move. Every so often I won’t procrastinate, and then everything is so much smoother, less stressful, but also completely confusing because I’ll be convinced I forgot something really important and spend a bunch of time undoing and redoing what I did three days earlier.

I’m also sitting here realizing it’s pouring rain outside and the only umbrella I own (borrowed without permission less than a week ago) is sitting in my car. Umbrellas don’t like me: I either lose them the second or third time I use them, never have them with me when I need them, or just plain break them.


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