I have never met a person who liked going to the dentist. Personally, I hate dentists. The only time my blood pressure comes back high is when it is taken in a dentist’s office.

Some just shudder, others share horror stories from the dentist. Some refuse to listen to said horror stories.

Myself, I have way too many horror stories from dentists. The first time I ever went to a dentist didn’t go too badly. I was around 7 and had a cavity in a baby tooth (it emerged with the cavity), so it was a simple extraction. I don’t remember much of the visit, and it wasn’t that bad.

My next encounter with dentistry was at 10, when I first got braces. I also found out I was allergic to the powder on exam gloves when I broke out in full body hives for three days.

Those braces were broken off my teeth in the incident described in this post, and I moved on to a new orthodontist. In the course of care, he sent me to a dentist to have four teeth removed in order to “tighten up” my mouth. One of the teeth to be removed was a failed permanent tooth, buried beneath one of the baby teeth being pulled in the same visit. Minimal use of Novocaine (due to parental belief in limited medication) saw to it I felt every failed attempt to grab it, every probe and drag through my already torn up gum.

After all that, I was switched to a new orthodontist who felt the teeth had been removed in error, and proceed to load my mouth with springs for two years to spread it back out. This particular orthodontist, while removing the braces from the prior one, unused to powder-free gloves, dropped the drill in my mouth and drilled a hole in my tongue.

A few years pass, I finish out my braces and get married (mistake, but to be discussed separately). When I got pregnant with my second daughter, my ex decided we were going vegan (I was also nursing my oldest still). This, of course, tore my teeth up by pulling calcium from them to develop my daughter’s bones.

When we went to a dentist about a year later, I had over a dozen cavities (after having had none for the prior 20 years of my life, save only the one cavity I was born with). The cheap dentist my ex hired to work on my mouth overbooked herself, and only left 2 or 3 hours to fill all dozen cavities. Needless to say, I wasn’t comfortable during either visit.

Jump forward a year and one of those cheap filling fell apart, along with the tooth. In China, we go to a dentist who decides to show off my living nerve by repeatedly poking it to prove it is alive. Sharp pain shot through my whole body each time he poked it, all dozen times.

Now I have a dentist appointment on Friday. I’m terrified.


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