Way back in 2016 Review I mentioned driving an old, crappy car. To be entirely honest, I expected it to conk out in some way a lot sooner. Somehow I’ve managed to keep it pumping for nearly nine months since I got it (and had it tinkered with like crazy to make it work in the first place).

Yesterday I was going on a social visit with my boyfriend. We hopped in, started up, and backed out of the parking spot. Serendipity stopped the trip from turning into a nightmare.

Part of the front of my car, underneath the front bumper, has been coming off slowly. It’s these large plastic bits, and I pulled the one off the passenger side a few days ago. I could hear the driver’s side piece dragging on the ground as I back out. For whatever reason I decided to hop out and yank the piece of plastic off before we hit the road.

As soon as I stepped out of the car, I could hear something was wrong. A loud hissing, similar to cold bacon dropped in a hot, oiled pan, came from the front of the car. Around front yellow droplets spewed in a rough mist out the front of the radiator.

A well-rusted piece of metal was protruding from the front of the vehicle, angled between the front of the radiator and the ground. It was a crosspiece from just inside the front bumper, and the bolt or whatever that’d been holding it in place on the passenger side had finally rusted through, allowing it to drop, spin, and puncture my radiator.

The only thing that kept my sanity together as I resigned myself to pulling my Maxima back into its parking spot was knowing if I hadn’t hopped out the vehicle would have given up whatever ghost dwells within the confines of a car engine at the worst possible moment on the road. (I am a firm believer in Murphy’s Law, although I tend to view it more pessimistically than I ought.)

Finances being as tight as they are (what with credit card debt and a tenable, if not extravagant, income), I’m somewhat at a loss to figure out how to afford fixing my car. A quick Google estimated my replacement cost between $9-1600, well beyond my meager savings, or even my credit limit.

I was able to get out of another financial commitment of $200 with far less difficulty than I anticipated. My ex is not the most reasonable of creatures on this planet, and I can think of plenty of animals most wouldn’t want to tangle with I’d prefer facing over talking money with him. Snakes… buffalo on rampage… sharks… you get the idea. Wasps, hornets, bees, and the like are a tie with my ex, but only because I’m phobic and allergic (to the insects, not the ex…).

At any rate, we’ll see where this goes. I’m not looking forward to begging rides and borrowing cars until my own is working.


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