Yesterday, I responded to another blog post. Today, I want to elaborate on one particular point: pro-life versus pro-choice.

Let me begin with a seemingly contradictory statement: I am pro-life and pro-choice. Being pro-life does not equal being anti-abortion.

What does it mean to be pro-life? Most believe it means being antiabortion, but that’s just the most contested issue. Pro-life means you believe in the sanctity of human life, and human life should be the primary factor in decision making. I agree!

What does it mean to be pro-choice? Again, the only issue most people see is the abortion issue. While it is true pro-choice means supporting a woman’s choice to have an abortion, it doesn’t mean abortion is the first choice.

Simply put, pro-choice means leaving medical, reproductive, and all other decision regarding a given individual’s body up to them. Does this mean some people will make decisions that may disagree with your religion or personal ethics? Absolutely. However, it also means you are free to make those decisions yourself, instead of having some authority tell you what medical procedures you may or may not choose to have.

How many laws govern a man’s decisions about his body and reproductive rights? Next to none. How would men feel if they were told “Sorry, you’re not allowed to get a vasectomy, and condoms cost $100+ a month, and if you get your sexual partner pregnant, you have to stay with them through the entire pregnancy because she can’t get an abortion, and both parents have to be part of the decision to give the child up for adoption.” I have a feeling if men were legally bound to the pregnancy they created, legislation against abortion would rapidly evaporate.

One of my biggest complaints is all of these laws focus on women’s bodies, not men’s. It’s not generic, it is very, very targeted. In addition, most of the lawmakers who pass these laws are men. Men! Men are making decisions about women’s health.

Now, think about this. What percentage of men understand women’s health (doctor’s aside, and they aren’t the men making the decisions)? Ladies, think about all the men you’ve known. How many have known the causes, effects, and intricacies of a period? A pregnancy? Do they know where your G-spot is? Do they even know what it is? Same thing for the clitoris. Do they know the dangers of pregnancy and childbirth (even in the modern era, carrying a child to term and giving birth is still potentially fatal)? Do they care how expensive childbirth is (even if you’re giving your baby up for adoption)?

Why are we allowing men to make sweeping decisions about women’s health, when the majority of men in decision making positions know so very little about the issues? Think about Trump, with his cadre of smiling men, as he signs away women’s healthcare under the pretense of “sanctity of life.” How many women have men sentenced to death in order to “preserve life?”

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