This post is a response to BeautyBeyondBones post saying women have as many options as men and needn’t be protesting. While I appreciate the points you are trying to make about feminism and femininity, I disagree with your conclusions.

A woman can’t win the White House. We just had our first female presidential candidate (if you don’t run on the Rep or Dem ballot, you aren’t a real candidate), and she lost to a man who still brags about sexual assaults, values women only as sexual objects, and makes sexual comments about his daughters.

I’m pro-life, but reality has taught me it isn’t my decision to make. In 3.5 years I was pregnant four times because my “pro-life” husband decided contraceptives meant not trusting “God,” and yelled at me when I miscarried on the fourth, accusing me of causing it. If I had been able to I would have, and I still struggle with the guilt, but wouldn’t have changed my decision.

As for the having babies is “the one and only thing that is uniquely female…” bull. Not all women can get pregnant. Not all women can carry a child to full term. Some genetically (or superficially) male bodies are capable pregnancy and birth. Genetics is presented as a simple and set science with clear distinctions between male and female. It’s not.

Yes, the majority of college students are women, but they still can expect to not see a job equivalent to their degree, or even equivalent to the job a male student with the same degree can get, or the same pay. In fact, most women have to go to college so they can earn as much as male counterparts do with a high school diploma.

I have heard some claim women shouldn’t be able to enter longer degree programs since it will just be a waste of the education since she’ll only work a few years before going off and being “uniquely female” by having kids before her eggs all die. In England the majority of doctors are women, and the biggest debate is whether they’ll reduce quality of care by having kids.

Rape culture is a thing, and we need to change our culture from viewing women as sexual objects. However, rape culture is about control, not sex. As long as our society tells women what they can and can’t do with their bodies, rape culture will remain.

If women want equal rights, they need to stop being apologists for men taking control over them. If your ideal relationship is a kept woman, you are part of the problem. If you think dressing sexy makes you a target for rape, you are part of the problem. If you think telling a woman, “sorry you got raped, enjoy your uniquely female blessing by having a baby and know God loves you” is an appropriate response, you are part of the problem. If you think any amount of societal control over a woman is acceptable, you are the problem.


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