Scientifically I cannot prove the existence of a deity, deities, or the supernatural. However, I think they exist. As such, my belief is in the supernatural, but I acknowledge I have no way of proving it. This makes me an agnostic in fact, but I hope beyond hope (and choose to believe) there is something out there beyond our ability to measure or even comprehend scientifically. I also believe someday we will be able to prove it scientifically.

I was raised very conservative, fundamentalist Christian (with a spin), married into the Seventh Day Adventist church, and have participated in a variety of different denominations and religions. At their base, I believe all of them are based on actual interactions with the “divine” (a.k.a. that which exists beyond our comprehension). However, many organized religions have instituted beliefs and add-ons based on human decisions rather than “divine” inspiration. For this reason, I don’t follow any particular religion. They are all wrong, and all right.

The only way to know the “truth” of the “divine” is through comparison of all the different pieces of the puzzle. Whether there is one deity (or being), or multitudes, the various interactions with humanity are only part of the image. In the same was a 2D drawing would perceive a human touch in very different ways based on which aspect touched it, how can we say one is wrong and another right, when the being in question most likely exists in more dimensions than we can comprehend.

Humanity dwells in four dimensions (three spatial, and the fourth is time), but many theoretical physicists have postulate numerous other dimensions we can’t see, interact with, or comprehend. Whether they are tiny and inaccessible to us, or so large they force us to live in our 3+1D (much like a drawing exists in 2D, even though the world it is in is 3+1D).

One of the cornerstones of my belief system was placed when I began looking beyond my parents’ brand of theology. At first it was only other Christian denominations, and seeing how they were different but similar in many respects. This caused me to latch onto concepts rather than doctrine. Then I started studying other religions and my mind exploded. The similarities in concept are astounding! Yet every religion has issues, and they are all doctrinal.

I have no right to tell another person they are wrong in their belief, and I wouldn’t dream of it. Ultimately, they have their own experience with the “divine” they must come to terms with. Even atheists are right in their own way, they simply acknowledge the lack of proof, and choose to move on. My issue with religion is how people tell you you’re wrong if you disagree with their doctrine.

Keep your man made doctrines away from me, share your concepts, and I will listen. The more I view different religious texts, ideas, and concepts, the more I believe there are dimensions and beings we have no ability to comprehend.


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