Vlogger Go Viral is one of those games that can be as mindless as you like, but also has really interesting aspects to keep you thinking. The idea is to become a successful Vlogger (Video Blogger) through publishing videos, upgrading your home/studio, and running a brand store. Here are some of the better aspects of this game.

Tutorials: The tutorials are a nice balance between cutesy and concise. As each new portion of the game unlocks, there is a brief tutorial to take you through all the different aspects. It was easy to learn the mechanics of the game, as well as some tips for strategies to take.

Free/Paid Disparities: With any free app, one of the biggest concerns is whether it can be played for free without too much hassle or disadvantage. This game nails it. Not only are there plenty of opportunities to gain the same advantages of a paid player through watching ads, but many of the ad offers don’t have a paid alternative. Also, later in the game, you have the ability to earn gems (the real money currency of the game) at a pretty decent rate (currently I can get 15-30 gems a day, and imagine the earning potential will increase over time). Further, the most tempting and expensive spending points for gems are purely cosmetic and don’t affect standing in the game.

Gameplay: One of the things I love about this game is the perfect balance between being able to get on the game and play for as long as you like without being bored, but also being able to walk away from it and still have resources build over time. Each vlog takes an hour to produce, but can be sped up by clicking the screen or spending gems. I’ve been able to publish 3-4 videos in an hour when I’ve had the game open for the majority of the hour. You also have comments to approve or deny, and your comment tray fills at 20 comments about every 10 minutes or so. When the app is closed, you continue earning views, items will sell in your store, and the video will continue being produced.

Strategy: My favorite part of the game is the strategic exercise of trying to predict what will be trending when my next video is produced. There are 9 video topics to choose from (as you produce more videos on a topic, your mastery levels up, giving you bonuses on those videos in the future). In the comments on your videos, there will be references to the different topics. You can use these to learn what is popular, and try to predict what topics will go viral. This is the whole challenge of the game, and it isn’t easy. The more trending a topic is, the more views your initial release will produce (views are the primary, free currency of the game).

Overall, it is a well balance, fun, and challenging game. If any of my readers have played, please share your own tips!


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