So… this has been a tough week, mentally speaking. I missed two days of work due to depression (I just couldn’t get out of bed), and had a half day because of lack of work. My hours for this week are abysmal. Oh well, at least I had time to hang around with my newly unemployed (again), romantic, loving boyfriend and listen to him tell me how wonderful I am.

Some days are just impossible for me. I’m not talking waking up and wanting to go back to sleep. I’m talking waking up and wishing your bed was hovering a few hundred feet above a river so rolling out of bed would be the last thing you ever do. On those days, I have a hard time making it anywhere. To work. To school (when I was in school). Or to fun events.

The strange thing (and what makes some people think it has everything to do with the activity) is my complete fatigue and lack of motivation or ability is always worst in the morning. When I’ve spent a few hours napping (or pretending to nap) I can usually get up and do stuff. Unfortunately, this doesn’t help much with getting to work in a timely manner. Thankfully, my boss is pretty forgiving (and work has been pretty light this week as evidenced by the half-day).

Anyway, the point of this post is to keep myself from slipping and letting an entire week pass without a post. I’m writing it in about ten minutes, stream of consciousness, and hoping to hit my 500 word mark before I run out of things to say (or, vice-versa, run out of things to say right around the 500 word mark…).

Out of curiosity, I wonder if any of you (my wonderful readers) have picked up on my ‘gimmick’ of exactly 500 words to each blog post. Maybe if you use a different word counter it will come out different, but I use WordPress’s word counter on the bottom right of the writing screen. I’ve found writing to a specific word count helps me to be more concise (when I’m not randomly rambling), pay attention to my word choice (like ‘that’ zapping, using contractions, etc.), and is a good length for a blog post (in my opinion). It’s not so long I feel like I’m writing a novel, and not so short as to be superfluous.

Since I’m just randomly rambling, I’ll use this opportunity to reach out to my readers with a discussion prompt and some questions for y’all:

  • Do you feel 500 words is a good length?
  • What topic(s) would you like to see more on?
  • What topic(s) would you like to see less on?
  • Are there any new topics you would like to see me write about?

Discussion prompt: Since this post begins by talking about mental health, what tips and tricks for a healthier mental state have you found helpful? How do you cope on days you just don’t want to wake up?


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