As I take my first steps down a new, unexplored avenue of my life, I feel it is only right to share the potential journey with others. As to whether this proves to be a blog bringing you laughter at my failing and faux pas or an inspirational diagram of a life achieving perfection… well, that remains to be seen. I am as blind to the end of my path as any other, although perhaps bystanders can help warn me of twists and turns, or merely cheer when I crash and burn.

Let it be noted that I have attempted blogs before… and have never made it past a month or two of keeping them up. Reasons for my failings have varied from an overall reluctance to share parts of myself with humanity as a whole, feeling my life is too boring to share, and a stalker. While offering no guarantees that any, all, or none of these may interfere in the future, I sincerely hope that some of you will choose to follow my journey.

Over the last several weeks, I have made a new five year plan. It is one of many that have floated around my head, and will hopefully be the second I actually complete. The first five year plan I completed was getting my undergraduate degree (one year ago), but I hadn’t figured out what I wanted to do following. Ultimately, I’ve spent the last year casting about for where I wanted to go, what I wanted to do, and how to achieve my dreams with an undergraduate degree in creative writing.

The last year has been fascinating, with various plans embraced and discarded as I have attempted to find my way in the world. Perhaps this new plan I have embraced will be discarded in three months (or less), or survive to six months before fizzling. I accept these possibilities. Yet, this plan, more than any other I have set in place, is rooted not only in what I want to do with my life, but also in real research revealing it as something achievable (something many of my other plans weren’t so good at).

By this point in my post you are probably wondering a few things. If I came across this blog, I’d be asking the following questions about now:

  • Why the title “Write Your Own Road”?
  • What is your five year plan?
  • Was your last year really interesting, or are you just saying that?
  • What are some of your other plans that failed?
  • Why should I read your blog?

Guess what? I’ll be answering all of those questions in coming posts! Part of the purpose of this blog is for me to create a level of accountability for myself to stick with my plan. I want this plan, more than any other I have crafted, to succeed because of the sheer potential of it, both monetarily and for my own happiness.

Ultimately, all anyone wants out of life is happiness, right?


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